According to an article by “Diabetes Daily”, there is another type of diabetes that often goes unrecognized by doctors and patients alike. A new study published in Diabetes Care states that some peoples health is at risk due to an incorrect diabetes diagnosis. Researchers at the University of Surrey in Guildford, England analyzed the records of 2 million patients and looked at the frequency of different diabetes diagnoses and their accuracy. They focused primarily on type 3c diabetes, also known as pancreatogenic diabetes. Type 3c diabetes often “occurs as a result of pancreatic inflammation, abnormal growth of tissue on the organ or surgically removing part or all of the tissue, which affects the body’s ability to produce insulin.”

It has been found that about 97.3% of people who encounter pancreatic disease at some point in their life are generally diagnosed with type 2 diabetes when they actually have type 3c. This is problematic because the treatment for the two types is quite different, and an incorrect treatment comes with a myriad of other health problems. Proper diabetes care begins with a proper diagnosis, which doctors and patients alike must focus their energy on.

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