Adults with type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease who experience a severe hypoglycemic episode (low blood sugar) are at an increased risk for CV event according to a study done by Dr. Eberhard Standl at the Munich Diabetes Research Group at the Hemoltz Center in Germany. Dr. Standl says of the treatment: “the focus on attaining good glycemic control to minimize the risk of diabetes complications should not be unduly compromised.” The researchers evaluated data of 14,671 adults with type 2 diabetes and CVD to determined whether hypoglycemic event risk can be increased by CV events. Researchers found that there was a substantially greater risk of severe hypoglycemic events after CV events. Standl says: “This bidirectional association suggests a common at-risk type 2 diabetes frail patient phenotype who is vulnerable to both severe hypoglycemic events and CV events.”


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